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How do I operate my aerated bait well?

This article is intended to provide general operational instruction for aerated bait wells found on Sea Born, Sundance, and Spyder boats.


Locate the rubber drain stopper(s) found inside the blue accessories pouch. See Figure 1

Next, open the desired bait well(s) and locate the drain opening at the bottom. Prior to starting the flow of water, firmly place the stopper in the bottom of the well. Next, locate the aerator spray head found near the top of the well. See Figure 2

Notice the spray head has a small black lever on top which may be turned 90° to the left which is the off position. To open the valve to the “on” position and allow the flow of water, turn the spray head to the center or inline with the spray head body. See Figure 3

To start the flow of water, from the console instrument panel, turn the Bait Well into the on position. Immediately, water should begin to fill the well chamber. Once water reaches the level of the overflow screen, located beside the spray head, water will begin draining overboard through the thru-hull drains located on the transom. See Figure 4

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Regarding baits, most need less water changes per hour than the pump will supply.  For example, shrimp and crustaceans need approximately 5 changes whereas fin baits need 7 to 10.  Unless the operator has reduced the fill rate, the pump head will supply about double the needed amount. Given this, typical use in most cases would position the fill lever at a 45 degree angle.

Regarding Dry Storage

If the lever is in the open position and the pump is turned off, water from the high speed pick-ups will flow into the well when the boat is running. If you intend to use the well for dry storage or as a drink cooler remember to close the lever to the 90 degree off position.

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