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How do I receive tech and/or warranty support for Simrad products?


Any request for Warranty assistance must go through the Simrad Tech Support Department.

The normal warranty process for ANY defective product replacement (such as NSS evo3 or GO series units, sonic hubs, radar units…):

THE OWNER CARE SUPPORT LINE IS # 800-628-4487 / ns-support@navico.com

• Owner provides tech details of defective issue, defective product serial number, etc. to the Simrad agent for decision. Tech will troubleshoot issue with Owner.

• If found defective, Simrad agent provides RMA# to the Owner to return the defective product.

• Owner ships the defective product to the RMA address

• Simrad receives defective product, verifies it is defective, and ships replacement product to the Owner.


• If the Owner wants the Simrad agent to ship the replacement unit to them BEFORE they remove and ship out the defective unit….this is called ADVANCED REPLACEMENT.

• If the Owner wants the ADVANCED REPLACEMENT they MUST provide a credit card for this transaction.

• The Owner credit card is charged for the replacement unit amount and the new unit is shipped immediately.

• When the ADVANCED REPLACEMENT unit is received by the Owner and they remove the defective unit, they must ship the defective unit back to Simrad.

• Once Simrad receives the defective unit back from the Owner, they verify it is defective and they credit back the charge to the Owner’s credit card.

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