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I was told my boat would take 8-10 weeks to build by my dealer. Why is the delivery time longer?

While most of our models do have an average build time of 8-10 weeks, it is equally important to understand that these approximate production times, DO NOT ACCOUNT for build start or “lay-up” dates.

Clarifying this point a bit further, when CRI dealer places an order for a new boat on behalf of a retail buyer, that boat will be placed into production at the earliest possible opportunity. 

For example, a boat ordered from a CRI dealer by a retail customer on June 21st may not be received and confirmed by the factory until June 25th. Once reviewed and confirmed, the “sold unit” will be placed into the earliest available start date, in this case, July 10th.  Understanding this, our 8-10 week build estimate would bring the boat out of production around the first week of September.  

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