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My fuel gauge doesn’t seem to read my fuel level properly. What can I do?

One detail that may not be understood and contrary to popular belief, the factory does not ship boats with fuel. When a boat arrives at a dealership, part of the check-in process also referred to as Post/Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) includes the installation of batteries, fuel, and general setup of electronic systems which include multi-function display(s).

One critical step in the setup process is to ensure that the settings within the MFD are properly calibrated to the fuel tank. Without this calibration step, it is almost impossible to provide accurate fuel levels and usages. Equally important, failure to set up the vessel’s fuel-systems properly within the MFD can potentially void the manufacturer’s warranty for all fuel-related issues.

Should your MFD be properly calibrated and you are still experiencing fuel gauge or inaccurate burn rates, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Contact your dealer and verify that your boat’s MFD was in fact properly calibrated.
  2. Review the following document on EPA regulations and safety “features” installed on your fuel tank which may cause inaccurate reading.
  3. Conduct a test of your fuel sending unit.
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