Composite Research, Inc.

Composite Research, Inc.
Makers of Sundance, Sea Born, and Spyder Boats

What are the gel coat color codes CRI uses for Sea Born, Sundance & Spyder?

The following codes represent the current gel coat color codes for all CRI boats from 2018-2022.

Admiral Blue PCU FV 953-LP-576
Black PCU FV 953-BD-127
Graphite PCU FV 953-AT-154
Ice Blue PCU DX 953-WP-684
Ocean Blue PCU FV 953-LP-559
Platinum PCU FV 953-AP-505
Sea Foam Green PCU FV 953-WP-714
White Exterior PCU DX 998-WP-732
White Interior PCU DX 99F-WF-671

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