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Will the Spyder FX17 Flicker fit in my garage?

There are three factors to consider when answering this question. The first and most obvious is, what is the length of your garage or storage building. Typically, a two-car garage will be 18-feet wide by 20-feet deep.  Next you’ll add in the length of the boat, it’s outboard, and the trailer’s tongue. Combined, the FX17 will almost certainly need a folding tongue to fit within a standard-sized garage.

Spyder FX17 Flicker is 17′ 1″
Typical Outboard Clearance 30-36″ *Approximate

Folding Tongue
Your trailer’s tongue should fold as close to the bow as possible to ensure proper clearance.

Owner / Advisory
Given CRI as of the date of this post does not provide trailers with a folding tongue feature, you should seek the assistance of your local dealer regarding exact trailer dimensions. Secondly, where you may find additional aft-clearance by trimming their engine upward please be aware that doing so may damage the steering cylinder and void the warranty on all related parts. Do not over trim you boat’s outboard.

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