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Remembering the Sundance Ocean Skiff

If you’ve been a fan of Sundance boats for some time, you might recall the 1998 release of the Ocean Skiff. The short lived series of “OS Boats” or “OSB’s” as they came to be known, sported an extra wide floor plan, hog shear, and rolled edges, giving the boats a classic “New England” look.

Functionally, the OSB’s combination of size, layout, and stability made them extremely suited for both recreation and utility. Unfortunately, the Ocean Skiff didn’t exactly catch on among with the masses but the few models that were built (1998-1999) are truly timeless as most are still in use by their owners.



In early summer of 2015, as a gift to company co-founder Seaborn Bell, the production plant dusted off the old Ocean Skiff mold to create a special birthday surprise. The result, a single Ocean Skiff was built bearing his name “Sea Born” which can be seen from time to time cruising around the coastal waters of Georgia’s Golden Isles.

Will there ever be another production? Will the Ocean Skiff become vogue? Who truly knows, but without question the boat certainly has its place in our history books.

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