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I’d like to add a top on my FX21 Bay. Any advice?

This knowledge base entry is meant to serve as basic information for the installation of a third-party, aftermarket top. Before attempting any such an install, we strongly recommend you seek professional assistance.

When installing a top on the FX21 Bay, please note that the Front legs of  the top need to go into the small notches which intersect the front console’s face and console-front seat. In the rear, the back legs need to go inline with the back face. Below the floor, there are aluminum plates for the legs of your top. Additionally, the floor is cored with 3/4″ structural foam with glass on both sides and then the 1/4″ aluminum plate.

Please Note: Located at the center of the cockpit under the floor board is the fuel tank, when adding your top be aware of this location and avoid drilling in this area. Also be aware that the fuel fill hose is on the port side about 10″ forward of the back face of console. From the inspection hatch, you’d be unable to determine the fuel line’s direction and path.


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