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I’m installing a T-Top. Where are the aluminum plates under the deck of the FX21 Bay Sport?

The Aluminum plates need for installation are 12”x12” x1/4”. The placement of the plats can vary by up to 1” during the construction process.

During factory installation, T-Top foot pads are glued and sealed to the deck with 5200 or similar compounds. To further secure the part to the deck, we recommend a screw Length of 2” into the Aluminum, 1-1/2” if into the general laminate. Finally, the deck laminate schedule at the Aluminum plates is typically 1-1/2”.

Finally, a toggle bolt is not recommended in the subject areas due to limited clearance under the deck.

The attached document and information within this article are to be used by marine professionals who plan to install a T-Top or Hard Top on the Sea Born FX21 Bay. Please note that adding third party parts and accessories may void your manufacturers warranty. As such, we strongly recommend you consult your local Composite Research, Inc. dealer prior to installation.

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