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Flats Boats Owners Give Spyder High Praises

Fishing guide Captain Jeff Johnson of First Cast Outfitters and Information and Technology Director Carlos Garcia don’t know each other. In fact, the two live about two thousand miles apart but they do share a few common traits. One, they both love to fish. Second, they both love their Spyder flats boats.

Earlier this year, Carlos Garcia dropped us a line stating that his FX19 Vapor allows him to, “fish places other boats simply cannot access, plain and simple.” Carlos along with family and friends fills his weekends with fun and adventure along the Florida coast snapping up Redfish, Trout, Flounder, Snook, Kingfish, and Cobia. Fishing for fun aside, Carlos also told us that the experiences he’s had on his Spyder have lead him to pursue a Captain’s license.

Speaking of Captains, Jeff Johnson sent us a wonderful message just this week stating, “I loved my first full season in my Spyder FX17 Flicker. Great boat for the Texas flats. Comfortable for clients and very dry on rough days. Very pleased with it.” Now back in Montana for the summer, he”ll return back to Texas in the fall to chase Reds again.

Do you have a story about your Spyder that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it!

For more information on First Cast Outfitters or Carlos Garcia visit our Flats Boat Spotlight.

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