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How do I remove “mold” from caulk on my boat?

The darkened areas often seen in a boat’s caulking isn’t actually molding, it’s a hydro-carbon build-up. To remedy, apply mineral spirits generously to the needed areas to break down these deposits. Following that, be sure to thoroughly wash the area with soap and water after the use of spirits.

I was told my boat would take 8-10 weeks to build by my dealer. Why is the delivery time longer?

While most of our models do have an average build time of 8-10 weeks, it is equally important to understand that these approximate production times, DO NOT ACCOUNT for build start or “lay-up” dates.

Clarifying this point a bit further, when CRI dealer places an order for a new boat on behalf of a retail buyer, that boat will be placed into production at the earliest possible opportunity. 

For example, a boat ordered from a CRI dealer by a retail customer on June 21st may not be received and confirmed by the factory until June 25th. Once reviewed and confirmed, the “sold unit” will be placed into the earliest available start date, in this case, July 10th.  Understanding this, our 8-10 week build estimate would bring the boat out of production around the first week of September.  

Can I receive photos of my new boat from the factory while under construction?

To preserve the efficiency of our production process and in fairness to all of our customers, we do not provide photos of individual boats while in production to retail buyers.

CRI dealers may from time-to-time request production photos to address special needs and circumstances. In such cases, the sharing of such photos would be from the CRI dealer to the retail buyer.

How do I receive tech and/or warranty support for Simrad products?


Any request for Warranty assistance must go through the Simrad Tech Support Department.

The normal warranty process for ANY defective product replacement (such as NSS evo3 or GO series units, sonic hubs, radar units…):


• Owner provides tech details of defective issue, defective product serial number, etc. to the Simrad agent for decision. Tech will troubleshoot issue with Owner.

• If found defective, Simrad agent provides RMA# to the Owner to return the defective product.

• Owner ships the defective product to the RMA address

• Simrad receives defective product, verifies it is defective, and ships replacement product to the Owner.


• If the Owner wants the Simrad agent to ship the replacement unit to them BEFORE they remove and ship out the defective unit….this is called ADVANCED REPLACEMENT.

• If the Owner wants the ADVANCED REPLACEMENT they MUST provide a credit card for this transaction.

• The Owner credit card is charged for the replacement unit amount and the new unit is shipped immediately.

• When the ADVANCED REPLACEMENT unit is received by the Owner and they remove the defective unit, they must ship the defective unit back to Simrad.

• Once Simrad receives the defective unit back from the Owner, they verify it is defective and they credit back the charge to the Owner’s credit card.

How do I restore my deck if it has turned a yellowish color?

Waxes, sunscreen oils, and other surface contaminates can start showing yellowish tint over time especially in warm, sunny climates.

To remedy this issue many boat owners have found success using Xylene which can be purchased at most hardware stores.
Next, using gloves and eye protection soak a rag with a generous amount of Xylene and then lay the rag on the discolored area for a few minutes. Next, scrub the yellow spots using a handheld deck brush (soft to medium bristles) on the affected area.

If the discoloration remains, repeat the previous steps.

Finally, rinse the deck thoroughly with soap and water.

I turn on my well pickup, I hear the pump running but no water enters the chamber, why?

The issue in most cases is caused by an air pocket that surrounds the impeller or pickup intake. From the operator’s perspective, you’ll hear the pump running, but no water will fill the chamber.

First, be sure that you’ve opened the spray head to allow water to flow. If you’re uncertain how to open the spray head, we invite you to view this related post, “How do I operate my aerated bait well?

Next and assuming the spray head is open but your issue unresolved, move your boat a short distance (preferably on plane), throttle down and allow the water coming towards the boat to “catch up” and reach the transom. In most cases, this “push” from the water will clear the air pocket.

If you’ve moved your boat but the issue remains, you may have a mechanical issue with your pump or some type of blockage within the pickup itself. If you suspect a mechanical problem, reach out to your local CRI dealer for assistance.