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I have three bait wells installed on my boat. How can I operate all three independently?

By default, vessels with three wells are configured to operate on two pumps. Typically, two of the boat’s wells are configured to the same switch whereas one is independent. Given this and understanding that dealers or previous owners often modify boats after delivery, as the OEM, we rarely are informed of such changes. It is highly recommended that boat owners reach out to their dealer to verify if their vessel was ordered with a two-pump or three-pump configuration or if any aftermarket change has occurred.

I’ve lost one or more letters of my boat’s 3D-logo. How can I replace?

In almost every case replacement lettering for 3D-Logos can be found at our online store:

As for how to remove adhesive residue from your boat’s gel coat, we suggest slightly warming the material with a hair dryer. Next, as the temp rises, carefully test the adhesive’s bond using WD40 and a damp rag.