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The Best Boat for Your Needs: Part 2 Boat Types

On our other websites we often write about which features are “best” when considering a specific type of boat. One thing that we don’t often spell out are the ins and outs on the many boat types we build and their purposes. So as a follow up to our previous post, “The Best Boat for Your Needs: Part 1″ we’re now shedding some light on the often confusing topic of boat types and which is best for you.

Bay Boat - Sea Born FX25

Sea Born FX25 Bay

Bay Boats

The bay boat as the name implies is typically used for inshore fishing and coastal areas with limited offshore duty. Our lineup of bay boats includes models ranging between 19’ and 25’ these boats are built with large forward casting decks, cushioned seating throughout and are designed with fishing as their primary function. Offering a bit more deadrise (See: What is deadrise?) than a our skiffs, Sea Born’s bay boat are smooth, dry riding with most including a performance improving stepped hull. With or without a t-top, is often a tough question for those looking at this boat type but if you’re planning on all-day boating, have children on-board, or you’re shooting offshore, always opt for some cover. When considering a Sea Born bay boat, you may want to know that our most popular model (with respect to units sold) is the FX22 Bay. For the first time or budget sensitive buyer, we recommend looking at the FX21 Bay Sport or SV19 Bay. For more on bay boats check out Discover Boating’s post “bay or flats boats“.

Center Console - Sea Born LX22

Sea Born LX22 Center Console

Center Console Boats

The term “center console” can be a bit hard to define as technically all of our boats have a centralized helm. Confusing right? To clarify, the “CC” classification is given to every boat in our LX Series with models ranging between 21’ to 24’. What makes a boat a center console from our perspective is the inclusion of both fishing and family-friendly features such as in-console head, higher freeboard, and considerable seating and storage throughout. Our vision for this boat type is that they are multi-purpose with the ability to roam bays, inlets, large lakes, as well as offshore. Generally speaking, our center console boats will need a bit more water to operate than a skiff or bay boat due to their sharper v-hull entry and deeper draft. On the flip side, the sharper nose helps makes for a gentle and comfortable ride for both aging backs and the kiddos. Our newest model, the LX24 Center Console, is a great pick for those seeking value and versatility.

Offshore Boat - Sea Born SX239 Offshore

Sea Born SX239 Offshore

Offshore Boats

Able to navigate larger waters with comfort and ease, an offshore capable boat is often the center piece of trophy and sport fishing. Our SX Series is the “biggest” with respect to freeboard, and the SX239 Offshore (or any offshore model) should keep passengers feeling safely in the boat, not on it. As for the SX230 Offshore, it’s available with two configurations, the “Open” which is well suited for the hardcore fisherman offering greater access to the water upfront and a large coffin fish box. The second version, or “Classic”, offers passenger-friendly bow seating with large storage capacity below. Not as able to play in the shallows as a skiff, bay, or flats boat this one is best for those seeking to satisfy their blue water urges should consider this boat type. On the Sea Born end, when thinking offshore and bigger fish species, the allure of the SX Series has no equal.

Skiff Boats - Sundance Skiff

Sundance DX20 Skiff

Skiff Boats

Sometimes referred to as a, “Sport Utility Boat” or “SUB” our Sundance brand of skiffs are now approaching 25 years in production and offer an excellent solution to those seeking a little of everything in a single package. More flexible than a pontoon (see: Skiff vs. Pontoon – Fueling Your Boat Buying Debate) or lake boat, a skiff can ride in the shallow flats, coastal bays, lakes, and rivers, with few limitations outside of favorable weather conditions. Not recommended for offshore, our skiffs are built to sip fuel and rest easy in the chop with their wide beam. Offered in multiple models ranging between 16’ and 22’ feet buyers who are more interested in fishing over creature comforts, we recommend the CCR Series.  If you’re planning on family outings, the DX Series offers more family traits. On the topic of comfort, all skiffs will have some hull slap and occasional slippage during tight turns, but without question, the versatility of a skiff  is the simple reason they remain our most popular type of boat.

Flats Boat - Spyder FX19 Vapor

Spyder FX19 Vapor

Flats Boats

If you’re looking to creep in to just inches of water and chase tailing fish, then a flats boat could be the best boat choice for you. Though technically a skiff, a flats boat is more about hardcore angling, shallow draft, and stealth. With two models between 17’ and 19’ feet, our flats boats owner’s share pictures of huge redfish, bonefish, and tarpon from the flats of Florida to those in Texas. Built with a large forward casting deck, these boats are designed for a smaller crew compliment who demand limited slap, light weight construction, and a top side vantage for poling the flats. Less family friendly than our other boat types and not well-equipped for offshore duty, the Spyder Brand offers the fishing fanatic all they require and more in a technical poling skiff. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we invite you to check out this video review of the FX19 Vapor and to strongly consider a flats boat.

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