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How do I restore my deck if it has turned a yellowish color?

Waxes, sunscreen oils, and other surface contaminates can start showing yellowish tint over time especially in warm, sunny climates.

To remedy this issue many boat owners have found success using Xylene which can be purchased at most hardware stores.
Next, using gloves and eye protection soak a rag with a generous amount of Xylene and then lay the rag on the discolored area for a few minutes. Next, scrub the yellow spots using a handheld deck brush (soft to medium bristles) on the affected area.

If the discoloration remains, repeat the previous steps.

Finally, rinse the deck thoroughly with soap and water.

I turn on my well pickup, I hear the pump running but no water enters the chamber, why?

The issue in most cases is caused by an air pocket that surrounds the impeller or pickup intake. From the operator’s perspective, you’ll hear the pump running, but no water will fill the chamber.

First, be sure that you’ve opened the spray head to allow water to flow. If you’re uncertain how to open the spray head, we invite you to view this related post, “How do I operate my aerated bait well?

Next and assuming the spray head is open but your issue unresolved, move your boat a short distance (preferably on plane), throttle down and allow the water coming towards the boat to “catch up” and reach the transom. In most cases, this “push” from the water will clear the air pocket.

If you’ve moved your boat but the issue remains, you may have a mechanical issue with your pump or some type of blockage within the pickup itself. If you suspect a mechanical problem, reach out to your local CRI dealer for assistance.

Where can I find a manual for my boat?

We do not provide model-specific owner’s manuals. Instead, we distribute and publish all available documentation for your boat’s installed systems. (i.e. motor, steering, displays, etc.) Clarifying, every vessel that is shipped from the factory to your dealer includes an owner’s pouch, also called “the blue bag”.

Understanding that every dealer may have their own receiving and vessel preparation process, the owner’s pouch shipped with your boat may be broken down, removed, or bundled with other documents such as your buyer’s agreement. If you did not receive system related documents with your boat purchase, please contact your dealer for assistance as we do not have the ability to replace items.

How do I test if my fuel gauge/sender is working correctly?

The following article is intended to assist owners and or marine service professionals in troubleshooting improper fuel level gauges that may be outside of the accepted 5-10% variance caused by EPA diurnal systems. When troubleshooting fuel gauge anomalies, we recommend starting with the fuel tank’s sender unit as this is most commonly the source of incorrect readings.

Step 1) Test the Sender’s Voltage:

  • The senders can work with both 12V and 24V system. The sender draws power through the gauge connection.


Step 2) Test if the sender is connected correctly:

  1. Check to see if the sending unit is receiving power from the gauge. The reading at the sending unit will be less than the input voltage at the gauge.
  2. Check the sending unit’s ground. The ground wire must be properly grounded to a common ground or to the negative on the battery.


Step 3) How to test if the sender is operating correctly:

  1. Disconnect the sender wires at the sending unit.
  2. Connect the 2 wires to an ohmmeter or multimeter and set signal to resistance.
  3. Take a measurement of the sender at empty and full positions. This can be done by either draining and then re-filling the tank which the sending unit is installed, or remove the sending unit from the tank and then manually operate the float by hand.
  4. For American Standard, the meter will show 240 ohms at empty and 30 ohms at full.


Where can I provide feedback about my recent experience with my dealer?

Rate Your Dealer & Service Experience

To help us improve we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your experience with our dealer. Please take a moment to rate your dealer.

Can a trolling motor be installed on an LX Series Center Console?

Yes, a trolling motor can be installed on a Sea Born LX Center Console as all LX boats have a trolling motor “pre-wire”. The wire begins inside the console and runs along the port-side gunwale and then ties off under the forward anchor locker.

Regarding what shaft length trolling motor should be used, in most cases a 72” variant is sufficient.

Where can I get parts for my boat?

CRI does not sell OEM replacement parts directly to the public. Given this, should a need for parts arise you should first contact your dealer for assistance.

Your dealer will in almost every case need your boat’s full hull identification number (serial) in order to assist with your parts request. Failing to provide your serial number (or other requested information) will greatly delay your dealer’s ability to provide you with timely service.

Where can I purchase a trolling motor bracket for my boat?

Given that each boat and the desired trolling motor may vary considerably in size and shape and manfacturer, we aren’t able to provide specific recommendations for an aftermarket vendor. However, a quick search for “trolling motor bracket” online will yeild mutliple suppliers. Prior to that, we strongly recommend that you reach out to your local CRI dealer for assistance as they may often stock the needed part(s) for your boat.