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Best Weather Apps for Boating

One thing every all of us boaters comes to understand, we’re at the mercy of the weather and checking out the forecast is just part of the deal. To help you get a quick read on the forecast, we’ve worked up this quick list of useful weather apps for your tablet and smart phone.

If you’re interested in wind speed and direction along with a comprehensive layout, this freebie is a great add on to your tablet or smart phone. Literally packed with more features than most of us will ever need or use, Intellicast is a true gem for weather nerds (or boat captains) who demand lots of data.
App Store

NOAA SuperRES Radar HD
Rated with four and a half stars amongst 617+ reviews, NOAA SuperRES Radar HD is an inexpensive app  ($1.99) for iOS. The app is simple with lots of features and proudly touts itself as the “only app with real-time hi-def animated weather radar images”. We found the ability to see current conditions, temp, and warnings without having to unlock a nice benefit.
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Boat Weather
Curious if the weekend has the promise of good weather? Check out Boat Weather a free app that includes weather forecasting, daily hour-by-hour details, as well as useful alerts. To get the most out of this app, be sure to specify your location and override the GPS use to save on battery life.
App Store | Google Play

Fish Weather
Packing in 50,000 plus weather stations for real-time observations, Fish Weather lets you check out conditions from around the world. Other features include nautical charts, radar, and alerts for a nice utility including a wind list. To access some of the apps higher level features requires a subscription.
App Store

Got a great weather app for iOS or Droid to add to the list? Please tell via the comments below and as always, HAPPY BOATING!

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