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Top 5 Boating Service & Maintenance Questions of 2016

Did you purchase or work on a Composite Research boat in 2016? If so, chances are you or your local wrench might have asked one of the following top five boating service and maintenance questions.

#5 Wiring Diagrams

We boat owners like to tinker. We love to add gizmos and gadgets to our boats. To do this, it is often very helpful to know where and how power flows through a vessel. So it’s no surprise that we were repeatedly asked, “Where can I find electrical diagrams for my boat?” The answer, in the previous link will help you or a service professional get the inside skinny on wiring.

#4 Caulk Meets Non-Skid Deck

Once a boat owner has decided to add an aftermarket product, they will most likely experience the love and hate relationship with 3M’s 2400 caulk. The stuff is sticky, super heavy duty, and once it dries, it can take some serious work to clean up any unwanted excesses.  Based on that, owners in 2016 asked, “How do I remove 3M 2400 from my fiberglass deck without damaging the gel coat?

#3 Toilet Plumbing

As our boats get larger with more range, so does the need for an onboard head unit. From full porcelain models to simple plastics, it’s important to understand how these head units operate which is why the question, “Where can I find an owner’s manual for SeaLand’s 711-M28 gravity discharge toilet?” was so popular.

#2 Yamaha Operation Manuals

As many of our boats ship to our dealers with Yamaha outboards, there’s no surprise that quite a few questions arose as to how these engines operate and how to perform common maintenance. Coming in at number two for the year, “Where can I find an operator’s manual for Yamaha’s Command Link Plus multi function color gauges?

#1 Installing Mercury Gauges

From time to time we sell hulls without power, called a ‘pre-rig’. Unlike boats with installed motors, a pre-rig is set up for a third party or dealer to physically hang the engine after the hull is delivered. Our most popular pre-rig is setup for Mercury engines which is a leading contributor to this year’s most common question, “Where can I find an installation guide for Mercury’s Smartcraft SC1000 speedometer?

Have Another Question or Comment?

We invite you to check out our online knowledge base to assist you with common questions and maintenance tasks. As always, we welcome your comments below and wish you Happy Boating!

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